grandfather Walking with Grandfather, Texas Co-op Power, 2007

A Universal Connection

Thank you for publishing Winter Prosapio’s heartwarming article. I, too, did not speak the same language as my grandfather... However, it didn’t matter. When I was with him, I never felt more loved. Our connection was deeper than the spoken word. It’s really hard to explain. Love truly transcends language barriers.

Stacie Collins, Cedar Park, Pedernales Electric Cooperative


Memories Crystallize

Your story “Walking With Grandfather” brought back many memories of “mis abuelitos”... I will always remember mi abuelito as a strong, hardworking man who always had time to tell a “cuentito” to his grandchildren, even after a hard day’s work at the cotton compress. Many thanks to Ms. Winter Prosapio for a great story.

Ron Acosta, Member Service Representative, Big Country Electric Cooperative


winter This I Believe/Esto Lo Creo, Texas Public Radio, May, 2007 Understanding Sayings (Dichos)” by Winter Prosapio      Download
May 18, 2007 Winter Prosapio lives in the Canyon Lake area near New Braunfels.  She's a freelance writer, but more importantly, she's a wife and a mother of two girls.  As a mother of two daughters, she can foresee passing on some valuable insight about life and its trials and tribulations to them much as her grandmother passed along words of wisdom to her.  It's those "words to live by" which inspired Winter to write her essay.
I Was Misled - Parent:Wise Austin, May 2006
Crib Notes Crib Notes: The Toddler Years  Available for the Kindle on Amazon. This is a great little book. I've been reading Winter Prosapio's stuff for many years, and there's a reason: she's GOOD! Her stuff resonates and is reliably funny. The essays in this collection on raising kids always takes me back to the days I raised my own and makes me chuckle. If you're looking for a witty, poignant, and spot-on look at motherhood, this book is a keeper. Highly recommend it.  -- Fragrant Liar, Amazon reviewer
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