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The Sacred Self

"The Sacred Self" is the collective expression of intuitive and visionary artist Elizabeth Prosapio "RAVEN".

"I open myself to receive information that reveals aspects of the person and their life experience directly connected to their soul's journey." (Raven)


Intuitive Psychic Portraiture

Soul Face portraiture is an interactive process which reveals the true Self. It is not a literal portrait reflecting a physical likeness, but a healing Experience, which connects deeply and invites the Soul Self to be seen. The process is a form of automatic drawing in which the confines of formal artistic training are suspended and instead replaced by a complete trust of the image and information that emerges.

"I am unable to clearly explain how I am able to provide this experience. I have learned over the years to accept that this ability is a gift that I am willing to share and evolve for the benefit of myself and others.

"I was inspired to create "Soul Face" portraits 20 years ago and estimate that I have drawn over 1000 portraits to date. The images have evolved from literal portraits, which brought to light psychological, emotional and personality aspects, to an ability to touch into the souls life expression.

"I have been doing these portraits person to person at Psychic Fairs across the Southwest and Colorado. I am now able to create portraits remotely, connecting with the individual through a photograph and some basic information."




These six portraits are examples of two women who had drawings done over a period of time. The first three were done for one women over a four year period and the last three were done within two years. Each person reported great life changes that were supported by what they saw in these images.

A Soul Face portrait is a tool used to deepen your relationship with your inner "High Self". This part calls to us but is often submerged in everyday living. The portrait creates the opportunity to see the true and evolving face of this inner self. By "putting a face on" the un-see-able, the everyday self, can initiate a new relationship with the High Self, one that is more concrete and real.

How to order a Portrait:

Email Raven at: raven1680@gmail.com

or by phone: (505) 281-4824


Psychic Fair Appointment: $65.00 one hour with interpretation (Check Spirit Earth Path Schedule for fair dates.)


Portraits are fixed pastel chalk, 14 X 17" in a protective plastic covering. (Framing is recommended.) Each portrait includes instructions for effective use.

ELIZABETH PROSAPIO a.k.a. RAVEN: BFA, Intuitive Artist, massage therapist, workshop leader for the LONG DANCE and WOMENS weekends in New Mexico.

Education:AFA, Marymount College of Virginia, 1968 : George Washington U./Corcoran School of Art, Wash, D.C. Figure Drawing, 1969: BFA w/Honors, U.T.Austin, Austin, Texas, 1974: School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Tx., Scholarship in Lithography, 1976.

A contemporary Texas pioneer and self- made woman, Elizabeth has made her living creatively since her early 20's, choosing to work for a living to support her Art. Over the years her work has become a blend of her artistic and spiritual gifts which offer compassionate encouragement to live life fully. Her joy is in witnessing people come alive and blossom, her talent lies in facilitating that process. She lives with her husband Dick "Coyote" Prosapio in the San Pedro mountains of New Mexico, halfway between the "magic" of Santa Fe and the pragmatism of Albuquerque. (Or maybe it's the other way around!)


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