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It's just us (wild) folks.

    Here we are amongst the hundreds of thousands of life forms infesting this little globe of water, rock and fire turning slowly in space held in the middle of a shaft of sunlight and making up stories about how we’ve come to be here, pondering over our possible importance and wondering about our potential for understanding the mystery of it all.
    Is that the sound of cosmic laughter I hear….or only the faint roar of the whirlpool in the center of our galaxy? c

    “……..imagining alternative scenarios does not prepare you for them. The grace and calm that you exude must come from somewhere else. Open your ears before you step out of the wings. Let the music guide you. Trust that everything that has led you to this moment will carry you through it. And if you’re wrong––if you fall or forget––you’ll just have to carry on anyway so just get out there and dance.”
(p 74, from “Spinning” by Janine Kovac)

"I was determined to spend my life seeking Truth while being spared the company of those who claimed to have found it." (attributed to) John Henry Faulk

'I don't know, I just work here." Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow, Real (in response to any spiritual inquiry)

"I am a member of 'The Church of There's-Something-Going-on-Here!'" coyote

         He was constantly narrating his own actions in a writerly way, in his head. "I had the lonely child's habit of making up stories and holding conversations with imaginary persons, and I think from the very start my literary ambitions were mixed up with the feeling of being isolated and undervalued." George Orwell

Me, Garrison Keillor & George, and probably a million other writers on the planet. c

    Coyote's Cards, 76! original photographs on beautifully lithographed cards with envelopes. Bob Clancy has created a fully functional page for us. Just Click-the-link!


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(Till we get some moisture all "sweats" are Kiva ceremonies due to fire danger.)

24th, Spring Equinox Sweat, 4 PM

3rd, Men's Circle, 6:30 PM
13th-15th, Psychic Fair, C. Springs
16th, Men's Circle, 6:30 PM

"Manage Wildlife",
the trappers say;

We say;
Ban Trapping,
"manage" Trappers!

New Mexico is STILL supporting trappers and "Coyote kill contests"! This is, of course, outrageous....but the ag. interests and ranchers run Game and Fish so we're stuck with 19th century thinking and outcomes in our state.        
What can we do? Get them out in our next statewide elections this year!
    By the way, the U.S. Dept. of Ag. (Fed. version of the many state operations) funded the extermination via poison and other means, the deaths of 320 wolves, 866 Bobcats, 24, 390 beavers, 345 mountain lions, 419 black bears, 12, 186 prairie dogs, and 75, 326 coyotes in 2013. This wholesale slaughter of our wildlife continues unabated to this day funded by our tax dollars. Please try to make a difference with this issue!

Help us support this activist organization: The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, Box 25464, Alb., NM 87125. (See the web site at:

And support;

For some reason we've lost the note on this page that talked about the availability of both the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck ($20) and our book, Intuitive Tarot ($10) from us. (+ shipping)

Also lost was the info about phone readings by Coyote & or Raven. We're available almost all the time (except after 10 PM MT!) Cost $60 for any part of an hour.

Little known movies to rent from Netflix and books to check out;

    My own book, Becoming Coyote, A Journey of Enlightenment (Mostly) is now available. $20+ shipping (around $5 I think). Is it worth it? Please don't ask any author that question. I just finished the bio on Churchill (Darkest Hour) and found two "goofs", which brought to mind my fear that there are many (despite 6 edits....make that 7!) in my own and woke me at 3:30 with obsessions about it. (sigh)
    Hold the presses.........Trouble in Paradise! Mistakes have been made by the printers and the last edits we sent were NOT accomplished....these are minor and only "bug" the author, however, since these are not "pristine" copies they will be sold at cost ($15). (sigh again) c

Here are a couple you might be interested in; When Tigers Ruled the Sky (Flying Tigers, American Outlaw Pilots over China in WW II) is about the storied Flying Tigers who fought for China (and us, secretly). They were shooting down Japanese planes long before the Pearl Harbor attack. They were amazing fighter pilots, have to say “the stuff of legends” and remained the most successful aviation combat group in WW II.
Bill Yenne has written a good book about these men and it’s worth reading not just for its historical value but because those guys were heroes whom we ought to remember. They did a job America only heard about in two fairly low quality movies, Flying Tigers with John Wayne and God is my Copilot with Dennis Morgan, and a hard to find book with the latter title.

    He’s still around in some form or other but Frederick Crews, Freud, The Making of an Illusion pretty much puts a stake in the heart of Sigmund’s legacy in this one. Even an internet search produces the obvious response to his name these days “Freud or fraud?” Some of the chapter sub-heads tell the story; “White magic” (referring to Freud’s cocaine use, which was extensive and long term)
“The Founding Deception” (lies about case studies that never took place) “Wishing Makes it so” (claims of knowing truths that were unproven)…..and so many more.
    Early in my own undergrad. training I asked a professor if Freud was dead, not in the physical sense of course, and his response was, “The field has moved beyond his understandings.” (A huge understatement by now, and perhaps even then.)
    Though he was a pioneer when it came to understanding, or at least addressing the existence of the unconscious mind, there is little else that remains of his legacy…..and, according to this hefty tome by Crews, with good reason.
    If you’re interested in the history of the treatment of mental dis-ease and of one of the false “gods” of the field, don’t pass this one up.

    Using my “camo” as an introvert I, cannily, avoid crowds at all costs and even other people in general and thus don’t get much exposure to the flu that’s going ‘round. (I DID get the flu shot just for the heck of it, even though it’s reported to be only “35% effective”, that’s up from the 10% that was reported earlier in the year. I find that to be encouraging and conclude that its efficacy is improving. Either that or the flu virus has become more discouraged over time.)
    Whatever your reasons have been for avoiding the flu shot, perhaps you don’t trust vaccines in general, I recommend The Vaccine Race by Meredith Wadman for a comprehensive history of vaccination and the evolution of the search for vaccines that have held off, and in some cases done away with some of the scourges of humanity. (They wiped out small pox and have just about done the same with polio.)
    This book is so good when it comes to explaining how vaccines are made and delivered that as I finished it I actually considered that I might have become a vaccine researcher if I’d just been less unsure of my ability to tackle the field of biology.
    Talk about challenging! What I found really exciting about the field was the quest, the problem solving, the mysteries, the challenges, the determination to defeat an equally determined “enemy” (a virus). This is really fascinating stuff.
    Don’t get me wrong; it ‘s not an easy read. Wadman cites many names and many issues, and some of the unconscionable choices that have been made in testing some of the vaccines while in pursuit of knocking out some of these diseases… in, who gets sacrificed in this war in order to achieve a final victory.
    I’m not going to go into all the detail about this in this short review except to say, mistakes were made and there have been unintended consequences BUT, this is not the stuff of conspiracy as some critics have proposed. And understanding this and all of what researchers are up against …..well, perhaps that’s the main reason to read this book.

    American Serengeti
by Dan Flores is a well written history of "The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains" (the buffalo, wolves, coyotes, lions, horses) and about attempts to "re-wild" this vast area that ranges all the way from Canada to central Texas (if only). In reality it can't really be done of course, not in any cohesive way, but the story of what it was and why and how it was destroyed makes a great story and Dan Flores is up to the task.

    Dan Rather's book, What Unites Us (2017) is a straight forward, uplifting memoir of the U.S. then and now (covering his life-so-far) and it's a read that will touch you. His topical chapters cover, Freedom, Community, Exploration, Responsibility, Character.....and inside each of these are reflections on voting, empathy, immigration, books, the arts, the environment, public education, courage...and so much more. Please take the time to check this one out.

    What Happened by Hillary IS worth your investment of time. It's a tell-all book and when you read it you will be able discern just how much of what we thought we knew about Hillary was shaped and delivered by a flawed media, yes including the "paper of record" the N.Y. Times, & by the Republican machine.
    Yes, it's worth your time, if only to inform about how dirty politics have distorted the truth about her and about our democracy...... and I think it will make you sad that we all have missed the wonderful opportunity to have someone like this, male or female, at the head of our country. I certainly shed a few tears about it.

    “In the absence of fact, myth rushes in, the kudzu of history.” What a great line. It was written by Stacy Schiff of whom it is said, “Even if forced at gunpoint, Stacy Schiff would be incapable of writing a dull page or a lame sentence.” For proof read her Cleopatra, a Life. What an epic work! This is not a book you can rush through, not if you want the full benefit of Schiff’s hard won knowledge about this “last empress” (as described by Schiff).

     For anyone who believes that what pulled us out of the Great Depression was World War II and not anything that FDR did it will be an eye-opener to read Adam Cohen’s “Nothing to Fear”.
I’ll just take two quotes out of the book rather than try to condense all of its information into a couple of paragraphs.

    This is what changed in 1932;
    “In just three months, the federal government changed from being a nearly passive observer of its citizen’s problems to an active force in solving them. From that point on, it would be a matter of concern to Washington when farmers were unable to support themselves, when depositors lost their life savings in failed banks, and when parents could not afford to feed their children.” (p 284)

    “In its lifetime the WPA (Works Progress Administration) employed 8.5 million people and supported 20 million.”
    “In addition to helping millions of American families survive the Depression, the WPA left a rich legacy of socially useful projects. Its workers constructed or repaired more than 125,000 buildings, including 83,000 schools, 800 airports, 950 sewage plants, and 650,000 miles of roads. They built or improved 78, 000 bridges, and 25,000 playgrounds, terraced 271,000 acres of eroded land, and taught two million people to read.
“… played a major role in building the San Antonio Zoo, New York city’s LaGuardia and Washington’s Reagan airports, and the presidential retreat at Camp David.”

    Whenever I see questions from conservative critics like; “What did liberals ever do to help this country?” I know there has been a failure in our educational system, or these people dropped out in the 4th grade.
    The answer to this question can only include a small part of all the facts. What liberals did in the late 30’s included (but was not limited to):
    Setting up Social Security
    Making the 40 hour work week (with time and a half for overtime) a standard for labor.
    Setting up a Federal Minimum Wage.
    Putting a stop to children under 16 working in factories.
    Creating the FDIC to protect your money in a bank.
    Creating Unemployment Insurance.
    Much more since then of course and MOST of it has made this a better country to live in for everyone.             Conservatives, especially the far Right, will argue that Big Government needs to be cut down, way down, but they cannot show in any way that “small Government” can accomplish much of anything the country needs.
    We cannot and will not go backwards over time. Yes, it will be one step forward and two back for awhile, given the efforts to retard progress being put forth in D.C. at the moment. But this will change and it will change soon. The blocks to progress have been thrown in place before (Goldwater, Gingrich, G.W., Reagan, & the current flying monkeys) and they do not last.
    Thanks to forward looking people such as those who made it happen in FDR’s administration, Francis Perkins, Henry Wallace, Harold Hopkins & many more, things got done that have changed this country for the better and they will endure.
    Those who have been created in the same mold, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and yes Hillary Clinton, will work to get our National train back on the tracks. Support them.

    The Brothers by Stephan Kinzer. I did not like reading this book. Not because it wasn’t well written but rather because it fits under the heading of yet another Inconvenient Truth! What the Dulles brothers, John Foster and Allen did to us and to the world was, and remains, so destructive to America and peace in general that it put me in the same frame of mind as reading about the incompetence and arrogance of Lincoln’s generals who, through arrogance and incompetence, prolonged the Civil War. You just want to be able to reach back through history and strangle them.
    I wanted to put this book down less than halfway through, but I pressed on until I came to the final two pages, and distilled from them I quote this; “The half century that has unfolded since Foster and Allen passed from the scene suggests that they share responsibility for much that has gone wrong in the world.     The blame, however, does not end with them. To gaze at their portraits and think, ‘They did it’ would be reassuring. It would also be unfair. Americans who seek to understand the roots of their countries’ troubles in the world should look not at Foster and Allen’s portraits but in a mirror.” (p-327)
    To know how we got here and why, and why any American who cares about an honest appraisal of our history and our responsibility for its impact on current realties should read this book. But I warn won’t be easy. c

    "Audacity" this is NOT Obama's auto-bio, the subtitle of this book is, "How Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail"! by Jonathan Chait.
    Here's a quote from p 238,
    "Many Americans, those sympathetic to Obama’s aims as well as those opposed, spent his presidency believing he had largely failed. This conclusion rested on the premise that Obama had undertaken to bring about a revolution, or a post-racial society, or the banishment of all political disagreement----none of which he had ever actually promised.         What had Obama promised? To unleash structural transformation in American health care and education, to bring down the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, and to spare the economy from another depression. He had likewise promised thoughtful, honest governance and a no-drama president…….in 2008, sixty-nine and a half million Americans voted to entrust the presidency to Barack Obama. Many believed in him deeply, even fervently. Their faith was vindicated."
    This claim by Chait is substantiated by page after page of details about what Obama accomplished in the face of knee-jerk, Republican opposition. Want to re-fund your hope? GET THIS BOOK! c

“Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the Ark of the Covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose that what they did to be beyond amendment. I knew that age well; I belonged to it.
    “But I know also, that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times.”

                                                                                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson, 1816


Winter Desiree's book Matchbook is detective-fiction.....not a genre I usually read...BUT! this is one fine piece of reading and as one of the comments on the back cover notes, "You will not be able to put it down."...well, that's for sure. Don't pass this one up, my daughter has written one FINE story and YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN....i.e., I read it in one day, Raven took two. We have 'em so to get a hard copy contact us. Cost is $10 + shipping (probaby $2) read and pass the word, this is a good one.
    Here’s what Elroy Bode, author of eight books (among them; Commonplace Mysteries, To be Alive, Texas Sketchbook) said of Matchbook; “…the details, the perfect rendering of people and places…sentences that shine, words, phrases like jewels.”
    He quotes one line, “During the last three years I had submerged the memory of Ella in a river of alcohol, watched as she sank below the turbulent surface of my mind.”  and comments; “There is not a writer alive who would not be proud to have written that sentence.”

PS, She just finished a second, not a sequel, and it's every bit as good as Matchbook.
 She's on a roll. That book, When I Knew You, is now available.

      I do a lot of reading on a wide range of subjects (as you can see from this list of reviews) and I’ve just come across a book you will probably not want to bother with unless you too like to uncover an unusual gem now and then. It is the Mari Sandoz bio of ,"Crazy Horse, The Strange Man of the Oglalas”.
      It’s noted by Stephen B. Oates who wrote the introduction to the 50th Anniversary Edition, “…she altered her language to reflect (that) oral tradition, so much so that it reads like a story being told around an Oglala campfire, complete with Indian sounds, similes, and simulated dialogue.
    “Chief Standing Bear understood her technique perfectly; he said she wrote, ‘…juat like the good old Lakotas spoke.’”
     What is also remarkable about this biography is that people like Custer are treated as minor characters in, what is essentially, an Indian experience. He is seen as, …..just “another white man who comes to kill our women and children.” (attributed to Crazy Horse.)
    This is not an easy read to begin with, but once into the rhythm of the Sandoz style, there is no turning back. Probably the best biography of an American Indian I’ve ever read.

    James McPherson wrote a bio. of of Jeff. Davis (who doesn't come off very well) and has done a fantastic job with this bit of Civil War history. It's, The War That Forged a Nation. See the review on the Notes page. A very good read...and timely and not just about 1860-1865, it's about how that war, and the politics of 150 years ago are STILL present in our lives today.

Though racism was certainly a part of the mix that caused our government to put Japanese-Americans into prison camps when World War ll broke out, there was more to it than that and the reasons for the paranoia were born twenty-five years before. What got us into World War l? “The sinking of the Lusitania.” is what most readers of history would reply. Not by a long shot......there was MUCH more to it than that. Check out “Dark Invasion”, a story that reads like a B movie plot but is true! Amazing stuff by Howard Blum.


                                                    Movies (& TV)

    We never darken the door of a commercial movie house, we just stream 'em from Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or Acorn. So no "New Releases" here...but we watched a couple of good ones in the last week or so and they come highly recommended from a couple of old movie buffs.

    "The Crown" is a winner....a series on Netflix about Queen Elizabeth, the current one, and her travails with both the government and Prince Phillip. Just because you're the Queen doesn't mean you've got it easy.

    "A Place to Call Home" on Acorn. What a great show! It's an Aussie series and very well done. Now into season 3.

    ("Acorn" is worth subscribing to. Only $5 a month and has a raft of good Brit, Aussie, Irish, and Scott stuff.)

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    "Surely there comes a time when counting the cost and paying the price aren't things to think about any more. All that matters is value- the ultimate value of what one does." James Hilton

    "Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed ... We need wilderness preserved — as much of it as is still left, and as many kinds — because it was the challenge against which our character as a people was formed ... We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope."  Stegner

      “It is easier to get over what has happened to you than to get over what you imagined happened to you.” M. FitzSimons

    “Spontaneous dance, like singing, bypasses the brain…comes from the center of you…it IS you…unfiltered.”

    "Never regret," Elenor Hibbert said. "If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience."

NOTE! White Water Adventure in 2017!!

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    Kierkegaard came up with two concepts that are commonplace to us today: one is "subjectivity," the idea that we all perceive the world — and "truth" — differently; and the other is the "leap of faith," that faith is not possible without doubt. “One must doubt the existence of God to have faith in the existence of God. Belief without doubt is just credulity.”

    Novelist and essayist David Foster Wallace said: "Postmodern irony and cynicism's become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. Few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what's wrong, because they'll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. Irony's gone from liberating to enslaving.”

    Ben Okri  author of, The Famished Road (1991), incorporates African myth and folklore, which has been labeled magical realism. Okri disagrees: "I grew up in a tradition where there are simply more dimensions to reality: legends and myths and ancestors and spirits and death. You can't use Jane Austen to speak about African reality. Which brings the question: what is reality? Everyone's reality is different."

"Be yourself; everyone else is taken."


(*Actually it was Oscar Wilde)


Dick Prosapio, MSW, aka Coyote; ceremonialist, psychotherapist (recovering), writer, drummer, photographer, dancer, and leader of experiential workshops for 30+ years. Co founder of; The Foundation for Common Sense. Elizabeth Prosapio, BFA, RMT, aka Raven; leads WildWoman weekends, is co leader of The Long Dance and Shadow Dance, leader of Woman's Spirit Weekend, a (very) fine artist and massage therapist and co-wrote Intuitive Tarot. (US Games pub.) Elizabeth is available for "Soul Face" drawing (more info by contacting her) and is also the co founder of; The Foundation for Common Sense.

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