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Winter D. Prosapio
an award winning
freelance writer, essayist,
humor columnist,
published author, and
occasional poet.
Her self imposed beats include
parenting, travel, profiles and
 just about anything else that pays the bills.

Most recent publication: Ribbons of History
Woo hoo!
Winter won the
Lowell Thomas Award for
Travel Writing for her piece
on traveling though the
west with two children
two dogs, one cat
and her husband, Adam, in 2004.
You can read the story here.

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"Props to Winter P. for putting a challenging period of one's life into such a perfect frame. Her humor and writing are spotless, and Crib Notes is downright poetic. " - Lea Zephyr

"I can't count the number of times I read a sentence and paused, thinking how this line could be made into a poem. .. The funny thing about Crib Notes is that for those of us who are raising or have raised children, it is almost like reading your own memoir, only its written by someone who makes it all both enjoyable and poignant at the same time. " - review from Nuzzling Muzzles

You can't be a writer with these days
without having a blog.
Winter's blog, Horsecentric,
focuses on her love of horses.
Sometimes other stuff too. 
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"Often hilarious, intriguing, or just plain interesting fun quick facts about the Lone Star state. If you know someone who plans to visit or move to Texas (or recently arrived), this will orient them. It will also delight Texas natives and Texas ex-patriates who get homesick. Highly recommended. "